Prison Architect reaches 100,000 players

Following the lead of Dungeon Keeper and Theme Hospital, Prison Architect is a top-down micromanagement and construction sim that gives you control over inmates, finance and staff at a maximum security prison.

Introversion Software, the creators of Darwinia, have announced that the game has reached over 100,000 players since its first release on September 26 2012.

Prison Architect is still in Alpha, so they’re keen to get player feedback to smooth out errors and eradicate bugs such as inmates’ heads disappearing and being replaced with random sprites, and inmates taking their lunch to the showers!

Taking cues from crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo, Introversion are offering several different game packages from $30 to $500, each allowing you instant access to the game and a preorder of the finished game. The higher end packages also allow you to have your name featured in the game, or be immortalised as a prisoner.

Introversion update the game every few weeks and when you buy the game you’re given exclusive access to their forum where you can report bugs and make suggestions for improvement, so it truly feels like you’re part of the process.

Visit the site to get your download now

Author: Emily Griffith

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