Preview: ObsCure

Streets of Rage game play, comic book graphics, plenty of violence and tons of zombies. If that sounds like a pretty good combination to you, than ObScure should be on your radar. Mighty Rocket Studios, the creator of the game, was, in part, joined by previous devs from the ObScure series to try and keep the namesake alive. Although originally a survival horror, it doesn’t seem like any of these elements will fit into this bombastic mix of stereotypes and copious amount of comic gore. This is the third game in the ObScure series but is a complete reboot; gone is the copy-cat Resident Evil style game play and the rather dreary looking environments, to be replaced by copious amounts of bullets, blood and gore against the many different enemies you  face.

The comparison between Castle Crashers and this are completely complimentary. Both share vibrant styling, copious amounts of blood and gore, and consistent bashing of enemies left, right and centre. A 2.5D shooter, with the same type of style as Shank and Mark of the Ninja, you beat the living hell out of the living dead with guns, fists, special power ups, and other weapons.

A pleasant surprise is the inclusion of offline/online cooperative multiplayer, especially seeing as offline coop has been dying a death for years now, which should allow you and three friends crowd around a TV/shout at each other through a headset despite being just down the road.

ObScure is set to hit PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in spring this year. In the meantime, watched the dub step fuelled trailer below for your viewing pleasure.

Author: Martyn Newton

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