PopBucket Live At 95-106 Capital FM Summertime Ball 2012

Tickets for this year’s Capital FM Summertime Ball sold out in less than 48 hours after they went on sale. That’s 80,000 fans packed into Wembley Stadium to see some of the biggest artists in the world, including Coldplay, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and Usher. And PopBucket is going to be there, providing you with all the latest news, backstage gossip and pictures from the event and, fingers crossed, interviews from the artists.

This live blog is being updated with the most recent posts at the top.

21:45 Want to know what the artists get in their gift bags? A spa break, Marc Jacobs perfume/aftershave, a Guess watch, Official Links of London Team GB bracelet, summer footwear from Havaianas, Smirnoff vanilla vodka, a Merlin annual pass, chocolate from Hotel Chocolat, St Tropez tanning products and Leo Bancroft air products. Female artists also get nail lacqures and treatments from OPI. That’s a lot of stuff for multi-millionaires.

21:33 We’ve just watched Bieber do a nice acoustic performance. Video to follow. He is also sporting a rather fancy Union Flag jacket which I’m sure his British Bielebers are loving.


21:10 Want to know what Cheryl’s new single will be? Here she is teasing what it’s going to be?

21:05 Here’s Cheryl Cole look very pretty, plus Dizzee and Usher.

21:00 Got some pics of Usher, Dizzee Rascal and Cheryl Cole coming soon. Just uploading them to the soothing sounds of Ed Sheeran.

19:56 The Wanted are performing Chasing the Sun with huge flames shooting up behind them. Looks cool.

19:52 Here’s Usher performing.

19:30 We’ve been watching Usher preform and I must say he’s been rather brilliant. Clips and pics to follow.

18:30 And here’s a picture of him.

18:20 Here’s a bit of Pitbull performing at Wembley Stadium


18:06 Here’s a little interview with Conor Maynard

17:38 Sorry for the long delay in posts, we’ve been very busy getting snaps and footage. Anyway we’ve done our best and here’s a few of the artists, including Cover Drive, Lawson,

15:34 It looks like Dave and Lisa are on the stag warming up the crowd.

15:30 It’s going to be a squeeze but thankfully I’m taller than everyone else so I should be able to get some good pictures and video still. Hopeful for interviews.

14:59 I sure hope the running order is okay to publish right now.


14:54 It’s just over an hour until the concert starts, which means it won’t be long until the stars start filling up this red grey carpet.


14:26 I’ve just had a peep outside and the stadium is starting to fill up with exciting fans, ready to see Coldplay kick off proceedings at 4pm.


14:18 Hi again. I’ve made it to Wembley Stadium and through the hordes of Justin Bieber fans. I’m in the not so exciting media centre right now but I’m getting everything prepped and ready for when the stars come down to the red carpet. I’ve also just seen the running order for today’s show. I’m not sure if I can say what the order is but let’s just say that it’s going to end with some fireworks.

09:35 Good morning everyone one, it’s Martyn here. I’m super excited about today and I can’t wait for Capital FM’s Summertime Ball to start. I’m going to be at Wembley Stadium from 2pm as we gear up for a huge day in the music calendar right through until the last act finishes their set around 10.30pm.

I’m going to be live blogging here as much as I can, plus tweeting away on our official Twitter account @PopBucketUK. My aim is to provide you all the latest backstage gossip, news and pictures and if I’m lucky, grab some words with some of the biggest stars in the world of music. And what a galaxy of stars it is! We can look forward to Coldplay, Conor Maynard, Cover Drive, Example, Ed Sheeran, Flo Rida, Jessie J, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Lawson, Pitbull, Rita Ora, Usher and The Wanted all performing. I’m sure you’ll agree that it should be one amazing concert.

Weather-wise, it all looks just fine with sunny spells which is good to see.

Anyway, I need to go and finish off packing a few last bits and get to Wembley so I’ll be back here in a couple of hours when things starting heating up. In the meantime I’ll be tweeting away on @PopBucketUK.

Author: Martyn Newton

Overlord of PopBucket and a gamer from a very young age with earliest memories including Theme Park, Detroit (look it up), Sim City, Championship Manager 2, The Lion King and Command & Conquer.

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