Opinion: What We Want In ZombiU 2

ZombiU is a brilliant game, we gave it 9/10 in our review, but we immediately started thinking about what could make a sequel even better. So here’s a rundown of five things that we think should be in ZombiU 2.

Co-op campaign
No, not Resident Evil 5 and 6 co-op, but asymmetrical co-op (online and offline) which we think we know how it could be implement while keeping the scares intact. We’d like it separate from the main campaign, but with one player using the GamePad with its scanner and radar sensor, the other player (using the pro controller) is stocked up on the heavy guns, grenades and torch. This means the player with the guns can only see and hear what’s in their immediate surroundings, but the GamePad player can relay information on zombies’ locations further away. The gun toting player will also need to defend the GamePad player when he’s hacking locks and punching numbers into the keypad. This forces you to keep together, and actively communicate as it’s the only way you’ll survive.

RPG elements
In ZombiU you could improve your guns with various upgrade dotted around London, but we think it would be great if there was a greater emphasis on improving your character and skills. Over time you would naturally get better at healing, shooting, running and hacking, so it would make sense that the more you do something in ZombiU, the better you’d get at it. This would work well with the inclusion of side missions (see further down).

Unique survivors
One of the most unique features of ZombiU is that once you die, your character has actually died, losing everything in the process. However you become a new person with a random name, look and profession but it’s all superficial. It would be brilliant if you played as a nurse who being medically trained, would be much quicker at healing than others. You could also be a policeman who comes with stab vests which would protect him from zombies. This would add an extra dimension to the game and encourage you to play to changing strengths and weaknesses.

Side missions
Although we enjoyed the campaign, we feel that it could have been bulked up with side missions. These extras activities can often be some of the best bits about games, as you often meet lots of interesting characters with unique stories and backgrounds. It would really help build up a picture of what happened when the outbreak happened and how they’ve survived. You’ll no doubt meet some unsavoury characters too who’ll want to rob and kill you. It could also be used to help build up your character’s skills and abilities, plus the chance to snap yourself better equipment.

More locations
London was brilliant realised in ZombiU, but we feel that one of the best cities in the world could offer far more in the sequel. Imagine having to set off a beacon at the top of The Shard, searching for an artefact in the Natural History Museum or climbing your way across The O2 [the Millennium Dome for those outside the UK]. London is a rich city and it would be a shame if more of it wasn’t used in a sequel.

Have we missed anything, or perhaps you disagree with us? We’d love to know what you think, so sound off below.

Author: Martyn Newton

Overlord of PopBucket and a gamer from a very young age with earliest memories including Theme Park, Detroit (look it up), Sim City, Championship Manager 2, The Lion King and Command & Conquer.

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  • No mention of more melee weapons? =O

  • most important thing for Zombi U 2: take away the radar or make it a lot weaker!! without a radar, it’s so much more intense, (even if the radar had it “scary/shock” moments)

    and maybe add multiple choices with other characters, like with the walking dead, but keep the focus on a “solo” adventure

  • Leeroy

    Where would it take place? Maybe paris

  • Paris would be cool.. (or make it so big, that it includes more big cities)

    maybe also had some more “Stealth” possibilities, like being able to crouch/duck

    and maybe some in bosses or (almsost) “indestructible” big (maybe slow) zombies… (like in RE)

    but keep the game just as difficult als Zombi U (and maybe hide the lost weapons, after dying twice, even better)

    more meele weapons, only if the the game stay just as difficult.. using a samurai sword or axe would make it too easy, just cutting/slashing thru…

  • waldron

    co -op would be good could have a party invite up to 6 players which spawn in different locations having to find each other and work together or rob or kill each other will add an element of trust into it would you survive better on your own or with the right person be better or be better off killing them?

    improve the physics of the game and more interracial surroundings like hiding in bins or throwing rocks stones as a desperate measure of survival,would love to be able to throw a bin bag at a zombie

  • Matt

    I think what they could improve with the radar is that it either:

    1. Stop picking up pointless things which aren’t threatening to the player (i.e. those stupid animals). It tricks the player into thinking that there’s zombies up ahead, but there isn’t.

    2. If they’re going to keep the animals detectable on the radar, at least make them distinguishable from zombies (e.g. they’re picked up as yellow / green dots, with a different sound effect).

    Another thing is, obviously, more melee weapons. At times, the cricket bat is useless. These are my only gripes with ZombiU. Other than that, it’s a fantastic Survival-Horror game for Wii U.

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