Review: Paranormal Activity 3

Having seen the last two Paranormal Activitys, I thought it was only right to go and see the third.

A brief synopsis of the first installment: A couple live in a house which has a ‘demon’ living in it and its been following the female character for years. The second installment: The family of the sister of the female character in the first installment lives in a house that has a ‘demon’ living in it, and it has been following them for years. However this installment happens slightly overlapping the first.

This installment consisted of the back story of the first two, so a prequel if you like, of when the two sisters are young growing up in their family home and the events that happen to them. I went in with my scarf in case I needed something to hide behind.

The plot was pretty much as expected, but with a slight twist at the end… don’t get me wrong, when I say a twist I don’t mean its good. I mean its mediocre at best. The story goes on about the two girls and the relationship the youngest has with ‘Toby’, who is in fact the demon. I won’t go into the fact that Toby isn’t exactly the kind of evil name you would expect a Demon to have, but hey I guess you’ve got to start somewhere. The family get freaked out after a series of paranormal activities occur, and then decide to go stay at Grandma’s. Grandma being the one who is not fond of the new man the mother has living with her and who helps raise the girls. So of course one night, the mother wakes up in the middle of the night after hearing a car pull up in the drive (The car was obviously being driven by Toby the demon because he was annoyed that they had fled the house without so much as a good bye), the mother takes her sweet time about checking on the girls so the step in father goes to look for her with the camera. He can’t seem to find anyone in the house as it seems to be abandoned. No kids, No mother, No Grandma. Surely every man’s paradise? No. He ventures out to what I can only assume is the car hole, or as you may call the garage and peeks into the window to find a small group of old and quite frankly evil people in there staring at him. Running back in the house, it turns out the mother has been taken over by Toby, which is never a good thing. She falls down the stairs at an alarming rate knocking the step in father down with her. So what shall he do, he wonders? I know, I shall hide in a cupboard. Fantastic.

If you don’t want your viewing pleasure to be spoiled, then skip this line and jump to the next paragraph. The mother, and the step in father are dead and Grandma is in a cult!

So Grandma takes the girls to “get ready” and skip off up the stairs like a lovely Von Trapp family. Although I don’t regret going to watch it, I definitely think it lacked imagination. Saying that, I did jump out of my seat… twice.

PopBucket Review Score 4

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