Nordic Games Acquires Darksiders, Supreme Commander, Red Faction & More

The games industry was rocked when THQ dissolved into bankruptcy, but it also led to an interesting scrabble by various developers to pick up all manner of franchises for their own portfolios in the ensuing meltdown. Among these companies is development house Nordic Games, who have spent $4.9 million to snag a cool 150 SKUs.

There are some pretty big names among the freshly grabbed content too, which has made history as Nordic’s biggest ever acquisition in one fell swoop. The likes of Red Faction and Darksiders join racing franchise Juiced and the merrily misanthropic Destroy All Humans! among the impressive roster of franchises now under Nordic control. It goes without saying that this list of titles spans pretty much every gaming platform, too.

Titan Quest and Supreme Commander are also now under the Nordic Games banner, as is MX Vs. ATV, Stuntman, Full Spectrum Warrior and more.

This is far from confirmation that any of these series, or indeed the countless others Nordic has bought, currently have games in development. However, we’re intrigued to see which franchises Nordic Games will give emphasis to now they’re out of THQ’s grasp.

Author: Tony White

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