Nintendo & GAME Partner for UK Shiny Legendary Pokémon Giveaways

Touted as a celebration of the upcoming release of Pokémon X and Pokémon Y this October, Nintendo has joined forces with UK retail giant GAME to bring a trio of familiar beasties to dual-screened devices across the land.

Palkia, Dialga and Giratina make a triumphant return from Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum to strut their funky stuff as downloadable critters, ready to be beamed into copies of Pokémon Black, White and Black 2 and White 2 from 30th August.

Yet this is not simply the return of old favourites — these Pokémon are confirmed as Shiny, which is essentially in-series slang for ‘differently coloured and excruciatingly rare’. We’re especially fond of the salmon-pink Palkia (and told him not to go on holiday without sunscreen, but would he listen?).

Shiny Dialga Shiny Giratina Shiny Palkia

Fine stuff indeed!

These creatures will see a staggered release over several weeks, beginning with Dialga, available from participating GAME outlets from 30th August to 12th September. From 13th September to 26th September, Palkia is on the loose — and finally, Giratina does the rounds between 27th September and 11th October.

Providing you own the monochromatic Pokémon DS games or their numbered sequels, have a Pokédex in the game and have no more than Wonder Cards in your possession, these shiny creatures are as good as yours. It’s a nifty promotion, to be sure — and given that Nintendo insists that this is part of the build up to X and Y, we’re curious as to whether these creatures will play an even bigger role in the much-anticipated 3DS instalments of the monster-grabbing franchise.

Author: Tony White

Narcissistic manchild Tony is known for his penchant for red and black, and was the accidental but grateful namesake of a sandwich in a Norwich coffee shop. He appreciates any media that doesn’t take itself too seriously. He doodles, does a weird webcomic and self-publishes comedy novels despite popular demand.

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