New trailer for Diana film


Take a look at the new trailer for Diana, a film looking at the life of the Princess of Wales, played by Naomi Watts.

Celebrated and adored by millions at one time Princess Diana was the most famous woman in the world, inspiring a nation with her generosity, compassion and kindness – and in her final years she would meet the man who, in turn, inspired her.

When Diana met Doctor Khan, she found someone who could see beyond the exterior, to the vulnerable and complex woman underneath.  As she fell in love with Khan she didn’t just feel like a Princess, but like the woman she truly was – and it was during this relationship that she accomplished some of her most rewarding and successful humanitarian work.

In a story that until now has remained untold, Diana introduces a time in the Princess’s life that was uniquely important in shaping her final years, fulfilling her search for true happiness and sealing her legacy.

Diana is out in UK cinemas on 20 September.


Author: Katherine Sankey

A freelance writer and random blogger. She is a Whovian and Game of Thrones fan, who wants to write science-fiction for television.

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