New Series: Catfish

Docudrama giants MTV are back again, this time dealing with the rising number of people turning to online dating to find that special someone.

The shows title is a reference to people who create false identities in order to form romantic relationships over the internet. Film makers Yaniv “Nev” Schulman and Max Joseph follow people attempting to meet their online crushes to discover if they really are who they claim to be. One episode, for example, deals with a farmer whose digital date says she is an ex-model/ actress/ anaesthesiologist. Over a 12 episode run, each hour long episode will document one relationship in turn, building to a meeting at the end of the episode arranged by the shows creators.

Catfish is based on the 2010 documentary or the same name, which followed Nev Schulman whilst he attempted to discover the truth about his own web romance, although the authenticity of the film has been the subject of debate since it was released.

Catfish premiers on  21 January 2013 on MTV 

Author: Gareth Nicholas

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