New screenshots for Rugby Challenge 2: The Lions

While you were rummaging around for something new, Alternative Software and Home Entertainment Suppliers have been SCRUMMAGING with the latest screenshots of the yet to be released Rugby Challenge 2: The Lions… I must apologise for the play on words, but I thought it was worth a TRY…

This new game has some great developments built upon the first in the series, and boasts a refined and expanded gameplay and revamped sound and commentary. The developers have included quick taps, quick lineout’s, mauls from line outs (which sounds pretty brutal) and dynamic in-game strategy.

There are over 110 teams to choose from and over 50 stadium from across the globe to play in, including official team grounds. Players and teams can be customised to your liking; you can even customise the way the competitions are held, and the rules of the game.

The sequel to the most critically acclaimed rugby game of all time looks promising, and will be available in the summer for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Check out the screenshots below for more details.

Rugby Challenge 24

Rugby Challenge 2


Author: Daniel Langridge

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