Mutt’s Company Are Denmark’s Hottest New Band

Mutt’s company are a four-piece from Copenhagen whose ambient folk sounds have garnered them instant popularity in their hometown. Their six-track demo EP was released in September. It is available for download with a pay-what-you-like price tag. The title track Jump Ship is a guitar-laden rock song that is reminiscent of The Kings of Leon in their Only By The Night heyday. The track in an accomplished piece of work and it is hard to believe these Danes have only been playing together for a year. The next effort is Country Song, a cool folksy track with hints of The Libertines.

Count Me Out is a rumbling atmospheric song full of pathos and understated emotion. Count Me Out oozes confidence that is rare for a group of musicians making their demo. Bad Diet showcases the rocking side of Mutt’s Company. The riffs are down-and-dirty and the lyrics are sung with sultry suggestion, “Any day now we will have our feast / Pour me some more of your cheaper wines at least” growls singer Rasmus Nielsen. At over six minutes in length, Winterworn is a slower-paced affair but the vocals are strong enough to make it work. The demo closes out with Ghost Track, a cool little song full of menace and sang-froid, “Still everything seems to be in order / I smoke my butts as I find them in the gutter.”

Mutt’s Company are Rasmus Nielsen (rhythm guitar and vocals), Jeff Jørgensen (lead Guitar), Rasmus Ibsen (bass-guitar and vocals) and Søren Kruse (drums).

Jump Ship is available for download now.

Author: Jordan Devine

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