Microsoft Unleashes Xbox 360 Spring Console Bundles

Though the world may be murmuring the tentative whispers of next-gen gaming (with Sony having already revealed, at the very least, their graphical moxie and revamped controller), Microsoft remains coy about the successor to the popular 360. In fact, for the small percentage of the videogaming population who don’t already own the console, Microsoft has announced a couple of console bundles especially for Spring in the UK.

These bundles will apparently be exclusive to GAME, but pack plenty of goodies for those still having not taken the plunge into Microsoft’s box of splendours. Both bundles pack two games into the mix alongside 250 gigabyte hard-drives as standard, as well as a month’s free subscription to Xbox LIVE Gold.

For £199, gamers can grab the 250GB Spring Value Bundle. This includes the aforementioned doodads alongside two games, Batman: Arkham City and Darksiders II.

For those of you looking to waft your hands about in jolly motion gaming antics, the 250GB Kinect Spring Value Bundle clocks in at £299, but of course includes the Kinect Sensor. In keeping with the spirit of the bundle, the games included with this particular deal are Fable: The Journey and Wreckateer, both Kinect-ready titles featuring plenty of motion control.

It’s worth bearing in mind these prices provided to PopBucket courtesy of Microsoft represent recommended retail prices, so those looking to get in on the springtime fun should check their local retailer. Game on!

Author: Tony White

Narcissistic manchild Tony is known for his penchant for red and black, and was the accidental but grateful namesake of a sandwich in a Norwich coffee shop. He appreciates any media that doesn’t take itself too seriously. He doodles, does a weird webcomic and self-publishes comedy novels despite popular demand.

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