Merlin Game Announced

BBC’s epic series, Merlin is getting a game at long last. This free-to-play fantasy adventure will be available to play for the first time at the Eurogamer Expo at the end of the month. We’ll be there, so lookout for our coverage of this and lots more.

Merlin: The Game (as it has been lovingly named) will feature real-time cooperative game-play set in the rich fantasy world of the popular BBC television series. We’re told it will combines gripping game-play with stunning graphics and allow players to embark on a magical quest with friends, to fight against evil forces that threaten Camelot.

The game is created by Bossa Studios, the masterminds behind the BAFTA winning Monstermind. So already this is shaping up to be a great game. We’ll get hands on and scoop up all the detail that we can at the Eurogamer Expo, so keep your eyes on PopBucket.

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Author: James Sterling

Associate Editor (Game) for PopBucket, avid gamer and educating folks about the Wilhelm Scream since '98. Show him some word-love.

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