Meet IllumiRoom for Xbox

The boffins in the Microsoft research labs have been busy dreaming up some fantastic innovations for our favourite console. One of the standout projects is called IllumiRoom. Check out the video and prepare to dribble with anticipation…

No news yet on when or where we will hear more about this, but it’s a pretty exciting prospect for the current or future generation of gaming. Imagine a room full of Zombies, as you battle your way through the hordes on Call of Duty, or a room sized projection of Child of Eden. The possibilities are endless!

We’ll let you know as and when we hear more about IllumiRoom. In the mean time, we’ll keep watching the video and screaming “Take my money!”.

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Author: James Sterling

Associate Editor (Game) for PopBucket, avid gamer and educating folks about the Wilhelm Scream since '98. Show him some word-love.

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