MasterChef Voted Best Cookery Show of All Time

We’ve always had a taste for cookery shows, and over the years the formats have evolved from Fanny Craddock, to Delia, to Heston to competitive cooking. Of all the cooking shows though, its MasterChef  that has been voted as our favourite of all time, according to new research by UK digital provider Freeview.

Lisa Faulkner, who won Celebrity Chef 2010 said: “I’m not surprised MasterChef has been voted as the favourite cookery programme of all time…  For me, the great thing about cookery programmes is they inspire me to try new dishes and show that making a good quality meal doesn’t have to take hours.”

Voted in second place was The Great British Bake Off, whilst in third was the legendary food series from 1980 Floyd on Food, the first of its kind, which took its presenter Keith Floyd out of the studio kitchen to explore British and global cuisine.

Meanwhile in the same research Jamie Oliver was voted as the top UK foodie of all time, with Gordon Ramsay taking second place and Delia Smith third.

Author: Katherine Sankey

A freelance writer and random blogger. She is a Whovian and Game of Thrones fan, who wants to write science-fiction for television.

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