Lords of Xulima meets Indiegogo target

Lords of Xulima - The Temple of Alnaet screenshot Numantian Games


Numantian Games have successfully reached their crowdfunding target of $10,000 for Lords of Xulima, allowing them to create stretch-goals that will help make their first project even bigger.

The turn-based RPG is set 800 million years ago on earth, on the lost mythical continent of Xulima.

Inspired by classics like Might & Magic and Ultima, gamers must lead Gaulen the Explorer, alongside five companions, as they become the first humans to set foot on the sacred island of Xulima.

Lords of Xulima features more than 60 hours of gameplay, 18 weapon classes and 100 enchantment types to battle over 100 different enemy types, set against the backdrop of a hostile and immersive environment.

The original goal of $10,000 has allowed Numantian Games to create hand-drawn 2D portraits of both the playable characters and NPCs, as well as including a new ‘Hard-Core’ mode. If they successfully reach their next stretch-goal of $20,000, it will allow them to create more portraits of playable characters as well as a new special enemy and brand new quests. Further stretch-goals include an original soundtrack, new regions, characters, mini-games and new language options.

There are only 4 days remaining to pledge on this project, so visit the Indiegogo campaign page now to get your copy of Lords of Xulima.

Lords of Xulima is scheduled for release in 2014 for PC, Mac and Linux, with possible iOS and Android versions at a later date.

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