Listen To ‘Long Way Round’, The New Single From Daniel Pearson

Indie song scribe Daniel Pearson has come out swinging, hell-bent on bringing out the sun, with shiny new single Long Way Round.

Summer was definitely in the air when Pearson, who can boast two albums, full UK and US tours along with lashings of air-play, sat down to pen this little number. It’s charismatic but simple, breathing new life in those snow-blown bones and lifting that seasonal mood to something slightly more positive. The vocals are clean and energetic with a backing track that’s light and complimentary to the artists tone, generally it’s a pleasant listen that will help forget the cold that had blighted us for so long now.

Long Way Round is classic Pearson songwriting and harmonies with a light-hearted air and subtle pop tones, expect to see more from this talented writer this year and if you get the chance to catch a live show then go for it, in the mean time you can get your hands on Long Way Round come 18 March 2013 and you can catch up with more from Daniel Pearson on Facebook or Twitter.

You can click here to listen to the track.

Author: Steve Petter

Steve has been a fan of all kinds of genres and sub-genres of music since he was a wee boy listening to old Country vinyls with his mother. Therapy worked and now he spends his time scrolling the net for new music to listen to as loudly as he possibly can. A keen martial arts fanatic and self defense instructor, Steve also writes song lyrics, short stories and the occasional terrible screenplay.

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