Joseph Arthur to release double album: The Ballad of Boogie Christ

Grammy nominated Brooklyn/Ohio Alt-Rock artist Joseph Arthur is set to release another addition to his extensive critically acclaimed repertoire of EP’s and LP’s.
This entry marks his return to Real World Records, a label that respectfully celebrates many different forms of music, regardless of its nationality.

This newest endeavour into his already flourishing musical portfolio, is a double album comprised of two ‘acts’ amassing 24 recordings of rich narrative-permeated rock & roll – a reputable trait of his.
The whimsically titled The Ballad of Boogie Christ will detail the experiences of  “a man falling apart and coming back together in insanity and enlightenment”.
This concept is apparently loosely based on his own path through life and is sure to be an interesting if rather erratic, journey.

Being known for recording one album whilst finishing another, it is not surprising that he is releasing so much music in one go.
The album will be released both digitally and physically on 9 September and you can preview a track from ‘Act 1′ on his SoundCloud page.

Author: Charlie Piercey

Musician, Journalist, Expert Procrastinator.

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  • clenn

    The album’s theme is planned to be comprised in three installments. Three distinct albums. This album is part 1 with 12 tracks, not a double album. It’s a beauty. Hope everyone takes a listen and looks forward to the next ones.

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