James Younger – Monday Morning

Here is an entry by young Manchurian pop rocker James Younger. From his tenure in bands Sun Wizard and The Zolas to his more recent solo work, Younger epitomises the earnest, free-spirited pop singer-songwriter. The idiosyncrasies of his guitar playing and vocal style mean he is often compared to artists like The Strokes and Belle & Sebastian. Whilst they might sound similar, Younger clearly exhibits his own unique style and an unabridged enthusiasm for his music.

He’s been known to travel, delving head first into each and every exhilarating adventure he has had along the way. Of course, these adventures find their way into his lyrics and Monday Morning is such an example.

He’s visited the US and is now based in Canada, this track was released on 30 April and serves as a precursor to a future album release consequently entitled Feelin’ American.

Author: Charlie Piercey

Musician, Journalist, Expert Procrastinator.

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