Infinite Crisis – New Poison Ivy & Gaslight Catwoman Profiles

On 3rd May 2013, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment released two new Champion Profile videos for Infinite Crisis, giving fans an in-depth look at Poison Ivy and Gaslight Catwoman.

Infused with plant toxins in a dangerous biomedical experiment, Poison Ivy exerts control over plants to dominate the battlefield from afar. She supports her team with healing and shields while disrupting enemies with her plants.

Gaslight Catwoman uses her assassin training and razor sharp claws to protect the weak by tearing apart the corrupt.  A master of stealth, tracking, and assassination, she excels at catching enemies at low health and finishing them off.

Infinite Crisis will be released in Autumn 2013, on PC.

Author: Leanne Wells

Freelance journalist, Music Tech student and MSN Entertainment's Ultimate Twihard 2012. Leanne is always looking for new opportunities to get involved in the media business.

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