Grant Lyle Promotes LP ‘So There’

Grant Lyle is a Canadian blues artist who has been compared to Eric Clapton, Joe Cocker and Stevie Ray Vaughan. His album So There showcases his talent as a guitarist and vocalist and has received airplay across Europe and North America. Having built a reputation in his native Ontario, Grant has toured extensively in Canada. His tireless approach to touring and his unique approach to blues and rock have helped build his reputation in North America. This popularity has increased his fanbase to listeners of radio stations as far afield as  Russia, France, England, USA, and Spain.

The Canadian newspaper The National Post recently described Grant as “one of the hot newcomers on the Canadian blues scene”, his latest LP So There offers listeners twelve slices of blues inspired rock. Walk On, You’re Killing Me and You’ve Got Love are among the album’s stand-out tracks.

So There is available now on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby.

Author: Jordan Devine

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