Garrett Is Back In Thief 4 – Next-Gen Confirmed

The brilliant Thief series is back, with Eidos-Montréal (those behind the equally brilliant Deus Ex: Human Revolution) confirming that Thief 4 will be released on PC, PlayStation 4, and other next generation consoles. We assume the next Xbox but the Wii U seems to be missing out.

“We’re handling a precious gemstone with Thief. Fans remember the original games very fondly and we want to preserve that essence – which we have excellent experience of doing at Eidos-Montréal – whilst also introducing Thief to a brand new, next-generation, audience,” said Stephane D’Astous, General Manager, Eidos-Montréal. “Our goal is to deliver the fantasy of being Garrett, THE master thief, and we’re building this game around that core experience.”

We’re eager to get back into this series, and if it’s a combination of Deus Ex: Human Revolution (without the rubbish boss battles) and Dishonored, we’re going to be very happy. An image has snuck out too, and comes courtesy from Game Informer’s April issue.

Thief 4 Game Informer cover image

Author: Martyn Newton

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