GAME introduces ‘Fun for a Fiver’ promotion

High street retailer GAME have announced a new promo called ‘Fun for a Five’ where you can buy the latest games and then trade them in getting back the full RRP minus £5 in the form of store credit.

The new rental promotion is open for use on Soul Calibur V, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Darksiders II, Mario & Sonic At The London 2012 Olympic Games and Tekken 3DS. Soul Calibur V actually only costs you £3. To take advantage of this offer you have to return the games within 2 weeks of release.

So does this sort of offer appeal to you? It will certainly have its fans, but others also look at it as a way of getting a good supply of highly profitable used games to sell on.

Author: Martyn Newton

Overlord of PopBucket and a gamer from a very young age with earliest memories including Theme Park, Detroit (look it up), Sim City, Championship Manager 2, The Lion King and Command & Conquer.

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