Feature: What I’m looking forward to next year


There are lots of great films to look forward to next year and this could really be DC’s year. The Lego Batman trailers were great fun, Wonder Woman looks like an interesting spin on the “superpowered fish out of water” concept and Justice League may well be the moment they establish their identity.

I am lucky because my birthday is in January, so there will be a chance to watch an award contender such as La La Land (possibly not Silence but then I do love Martin Scorcese and it’s great to see him continue to make interesting work in the second period of his career).

Naturally there is a lot of attention on Star Wars Episode 8, especially after the pleasing work from Rogue One (bizarre CGI decisions excepted). It will be sad to see the last footage of Carrie Fisher but I am confident that Rhian Johnson will give her the cinematic send off she deserves (incidentally if you haven’t seen Looper I recommend it!)

What I will say is this. If you want to see a film go out to the cinema and show your support for it. If you say you have enough of remakes and want something new find an independent cinema near you and seek out something different.

Author: Rob Turner

I love films and I love talking about them, also writer/producer for online comic series Reynard City (www.reynardcity.com)

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