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James Bond has visited some of the most exotic and memorable places in the world as part of his missions. Who can forget the Ice Palace in Die Another Day or his lavish Alpine hideaway in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service? 007 Legends recreates theses locations to provide backdrops to James Bond’s gameplay. There are numerous iconic locations used in the game, which are easily recognisable from the films. Look out for Fort Knox and Drax’s space station as you play through the movie-inspired missions and experience one-on-one battles with some of Bond’s most well known foes in these iconic locations.

007 Legends - Temple (Licence to Kill) screenshot

The Temple (Licence to Kill)
The temple is found in the Olimpatec meditation facility. As a cover for the drug business, Professor Joe runs an elaborate meditation institute in the Isthmus City foothills. Deep in the bowls of the facility is Franz Sanchez’s processing plant. Bond gains Sanchez’s trust and enters the facility but his cover is blown by the young protégé, Dario, who recognises Bond from a bar brawl in Florida. The climax of the mission occurs in and around the winding roads of Isthmus City as fuel tankers (carrying the drugs) snake their way away from the Olimpatec facility.

007 Legends - Fort Knox (Goldfinger) screenshot

Fort Knox (Goldfinger)
The United States Bullion Depository, often known as Fort Knox, is a fortified vault building located adjacent to Fort Knox military base in Kentucky. It’s used to store a large portion of United States official gold reserves and occasionally other precious items belonging or entrusted to the federal government. Fort Knox appears in the film and book of Goldfinger as a key location that villain Auric Goldfinger tries to blow up and it’s a key location for the Goldfinger level of 007 Legends.

007 Legends - Moonraker Control Room (Concept Art)

Space station (Moonraker)
Moonraker sees James Bond enter Space for the first time on one of his missions. The villain Hugo Drax plans to destroy human life by launching fifty globes containing a toxin into the Earth’s atmosphere. Before launching them, Drax also transported several dozen genetically perfect young men and women of varying races, to his space station located in outer space. Bond discovers Drax’s Space Port, a giant underground complex, in the Amazon jungle where Drax intends to launch his fleet of shuttles into space. After discovering this, he and Dr. Holly Goodhead commandeer a Moonraker shuttle into outer space to confront Drax face to face.

007 Legends - OHMSS Building (Concept Art)

Alpine (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service)
Set high up in the alpine peaks of Switzerland, Blofeld has constructed his stunning HQ, Blofeld’s Lair. A vast and heavily guarded estate with laboratories, guest rooms and fine dining, the villain’s new clinic is accessible only by private helicopter or cable car. This is where Blofeld has brainwashed his Angels of Death and where he is holding Tracy Draco captive. Bond stays as Blofeld’s guest, under the guise of genealogist Sir Hillary Bray – that is until he is unmasked as British agent 007. The Alpine Valley is also where Bond proposes to Tracy, then they are attacked by Blofeld’s men and the ski chase begins.

007 Legends - Biodome (Die Another Day) screenshot

Ice Palace/Biodome (Die Another Day)
At his gigantic ice palace, set in the icy wastes of Iceland, Graves has located his base of operations. Graves is unveiling Icarus – a space satellite program that uses diamonds to radiate the sun’s light and heat to places it normally does not reach. Digging a little deeper, Bond finds no evidence of a diamond mine, but unmasks Graves as the North Korean Colonel Moon, hellbent on uniting Korea by force. Graves demonstrates that his Icarus toy is also capable of destruction and reveals he plans to carve up South Korea and the Korean Demilitarised Zone with it. The game also features the Ice Lake – the icy wastes where the car duel with Zao takes place and a cargo plane that Graves escapes in and Bond finally confronts him in.

007 Legends is out now on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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