Feature: I’m Not Buying Black Ops II – And Here’s Why…

I would like to start off by saying that in no way, shape or form is this an example of me being a stern maverick not wishing to feed money into the grubby corporate machine, or anything so ridiculously pretentious like that. (Not entirely anyway…)

Rather, it can be put down to a case of clear foresight and calculated assumption in the respect that, forgive me for stating the obvious, all Call of Duty games since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare have… uhh… well, they’ve sucked big time, putting it lightly.

And it’s because of this that I have to ask myself: Do I really want to lay down £45 for the next piece of caught-in-the-cogs gristle from the assembly line, going by their track record since World at War back in 2008?

I’ve said it once and I will continue to say it again and again ’til my face turns blue and my eyes doth boil, and that’s that futuristic shooters should be left only to the professionals – the likes of Bungie and 343 with the Halo series; Crytek with the Crysis series, and, most recently, Ubisoft with Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – instead of trying to tap into a market and following that you will most likely never be accepted within.


Activision’s Bobby Kotick, dying happily…


But, as we all know, regardless of whatever anyone says – whatever their concerns may be – the game will be friggin’ lapped up by the critics and community; breaking records, selling twenty-million copies in four hours, receiving critical acclaim from all the big-name publications; being called the “granddaddy of futuristic shooters,” and whatever. All rubbish, but people must just love same old, same old (and stale and crap and broken and unbalanced and crap and broken…) that hasn’t undergone even the slightest change in five years, right?

Well, not me, I’m afraid; and five games of the same old tosh later, despite the hope that I always hold for the next Call of Duty game actually being a step-up from the adjoining trail of turd? Yeah… no £45 for you from me, Activision. Instead, I’m putting my trust, as ever, in LOVEFiLM as a rental – a company who actually care and don’t mess around – who will be getting my £11.99 subscription charge for the month, and I challenge myself to even keep it that long without sicking into a glove and punching Bobby Kotick in the chops with it. Much better arrangement, methinks!

The original Black Ops teetered the issue precariously on the edge, but it was a combination of Modern Warfare 3 and the recent debut gameplay footage from E3 that really snapped the camel’s spine for me, as I found myself looking at the screen, lax-eyed, iPod Touch in hand with Twitter primed, thinking one thing: Wallpaper. It’s the same brittle skeleton, ugly and mutton-dressed-as-lamb as ever, but with a new layer of greasy textures rubbed over the surface. Explosions, sirens, the obligatory car crash followed by a moment of shell shock and whooshing sounds as you clamber out of the vehicle with a president that you’ve been tasked with rescuing; racing over to a console to take down multiple air targets, followed by taking point atop a highway as you defend your squadmates with a piece of futuristic weaponry that can only be described as a techno-sniper’s best friend. It’s a new concept of sniper rifle – one that has to be ‘charged’ before taking the shot, depending on how penetrable the surface you’re shooting at is.


Oh look, another shipping container yard…

I quite liked this new weapon, actually, but all of this happened within the first five minutes, and the rest of the gameplay – eleven minutes in total, including a familiar “In the interest of time…” interval – just dragged on for the remaining six minutes. You could feel the tension of bore just by watching the stream, so I daren’t even wonder how it must have been in the room at the time! Big surprise, there was a load of running through streets, gunning down enemies, getting covered in dust; all ending with boarding a fighting jet – clearly recycling the Hind interface from the original Black Ops, but with a little more glitz – and shootin’ at stuff in the sky. Yep – same old, same old…

Call of Duty: Black Ops II – a rental. But Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4? Who knows – maybe I’ll have given up on the series entirely by then…

Author: G H

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  • BO2

    sounds like a man with too much bias towards call of duty to make a valid point. Cant take a hater stance on something and expect to like it my friend. I found it was quite refreshing in my opinion. the campaign looked fairly the same, but they tweaked some of the smaller issues and changed the scene. not a drastic change but enough to make me feel like it will be enjoyable. Plus with the strike force missions and the ability to change the ending, it is taking on a piece of what made some great games great (I.E. Mass Effect 1-3). The zombie mode is back with a campaign and some tweaks itself (8 player instead of 4) which should make the already amazing portion of call of duty even better (spent days playing zombie mode with friends, only to die in round 40-50 and laugh about it). The multiplayer, while also staying primarily the same, is getting tweaks itself, new killstreaks, new guns, new scene, new create a class system, new killstreak system ( where UAV assists now count towards your killstreak, making it a killstreak that will be worth using) and the new e-sports. Again yeah it looks fairly similar, but i feel like with the tweaks theyve made and the new features, its definetly a buyable game.This coming from a man who didnt buy mw3 until it dropped low enough in price that it was almost worth what i spent. I dont play a game and automatically hate the next game because it makes me look cool (btw next time if you want to make a valid point, dont cheaply plug in your rental companies name. it looks like your getting paid to do it and makes your article itself invalid.

    • Avery Wesson

      so you say Mass Effect has a good ending? And you played zombies for days? Someone needs to lay off the CoD

  • Sniperking2926

    I am not gonna lie u sir sound like one of those cod players who have a negative k/d. Your just hating on these game becuase u truley hvae no skill to play them.

    • lol u sound like a kid who cares about k/d lol i play 4 fun and yes i have above normal k/d but dont care about k/d

    • Heisenberg

      It’s a video game dude, you say “no skill to play them” like this is the fucking NBA.

  • I agree BO2! He is just hating!

  • Lewis Dunn

    Im not buying CoD:Black ops II since i played BF3 and im beeter at CoD i just think that CoD is a biunch of ten year olds who’s Mom buys it for them Mothers PLEASE READ THE LABELS M FOR MATURE NOT M FOR TEN YEAR OLDS!

    • Nadine

      10 years old playing the game ?? its not the company’s fault i always meet grown people over the mic

  • Nadine

    what are you sure about this ? black ops 2 is the most awsome games coming out yet ! what a game can feature better multiplayer than black ops 2 ? whats wrong with it every multiplayer game should be like that same old same old ? how dont you see the new graphic and nice style gameplay and has zombies mode instead of the stupid survival mode in mw3 that black ops training has it just kill computer players , it sux zombies go for the best survival you saying that maybe you work at mw3 company or what ? just know mw3 sucks i dont say that cuz i dont have it but i have it and it just sux , look at the horrible spawning system , everything is horrible in this game but mw3 multi is better than bo multi because its more smoother , but bo has cool mode zombies so the best thing is black ops 2 has a good old new zombies mode and a smooth multiplayer i dont see anything wrong in it itss gonna kickasss all previous cod games

    • Avery Wesson

      When you flame please remember: make it so you don’t sound terrible when writing it

  • Avery Wesson

    Some one who understands my plight. I was indeed saying this same thing to a friend today. I had said that i was getting Pokemon Black 2 (still better than CoD) and I had someone tell me it was the same thing as all the others and presented Black Ops 2. Give me a break. Given a few months everyone will hate Black Ops 2 like they did MW3. Flame Shield ready, the series was never good after CoD:4.

  • At least treyarc trys!!!

    Not trying to offend any one but at least treyarc changes it up a bit and all infinity ward does it make the same frfrekkin game all over again

  • Pissed that ur so dumb

    pretty sad that you actually didn’t give any reasons not to get the game. If I had known this article wasn’t going to give me valid reasons not to get black ops 2 and instead was going to be a sad call of duty hater whining that it’s still successful, I never would have read this. You don’t have to like Call of Duty, we get you don’t. But your a dumbass for thinking it doesn’t bring anything new to the table. Shooter games will always be shooter games. This Call of Duty is the least alike to the past entries than any before it. So stfu and get a real job, you complaining waste of my time.

    • Caucophony

      Lol. You call him a hater with bias? Damn. The only people who still enjoy CoD are the people who play multiplayer and think they’re badass at it, and everyone should bow to their l337 sk1llz. Shooters will always be shooters? Hmm… Castle Wolfinstien look anything like Halo Reach or CoD? He just wants some innovation and an ejoyable experiance, and if that’s too much to ask for, gaming is already dead, and we will all mourn our loss.

  • Caucophony

    Put in better reasons not to get the game next time, bro. I gotta say, I see where you’re coming from though. I’m am a firm believer that a game should be able to stand on it’s own, in single player, and have multiplayer as a fun add-on to increase the replay value, so it doesn’t sit on your shelf forever collecting dust until one day, you sell it, or trade it in. Even if it is a fps based purely online (Dust 514), put some freakin’ strategy in the damn thing, and remove client-side hit detection, and figure out how to take out lag-switching. I am glad to hear Treyarc is breathing some innovation into the series, and will rent it to see if it’s worth $60.

  • Quentin

    **** u black ops 2 is going to be good game

    • James S

      Language check. This is a family site :)

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