Feature: Five Reasons To Purchase A Wii U

With the launch of the Wii U over a month ago, us Nintendo-heads have been locking our selves away to explore this shiny new console in all it’s glory. What? So, no one else has done this? Oh well, fine then. Now, if you are just not sure whether the Wii U is for you or aren’t that much into Nintendo then hopefully this list will show you all the great things about the Wii U and why you must have one.

This is Nintendo’s own social media network that lets players connect to share their gaming experiences or just chat with people who love the same games. Now you can personalise your own profile, add new friends to your friends list, join communities for your favourite games and send messages to all your new friends. Having a flash of gamer rage from an overly frustrating mission? Well, you can put your question to the community for your game and ask people who have had first hand experience with your troubles and will soon sort you out. These communities are also a place for fans to go and show their love ether with a little message, screenshot or drawing, some of these drawing are absolutely brilliant and if you like them then you can use the “Yeah” button show your praise or leave them a little comment. Overall, this feature it great and will have you meeting new people, helping other players and showing your appreciation for the games you love.

GamePad camera
Now, this is the age where there has to be a camera in everything! It is only natural to have them in our game controllers, I mean why not? There is some great sides to this, like video chat, which allows you to speak to your friends all over the world, GamePad to GamePad. It isn’t just video chat that uses the camera. One of the best launch titles for the Wii U uses it very well too. NintendoLand records the player using the GamePad while they are fixated on screen. It is pretty hilarious seeing your friends tongue hanging out while they are running away as Mario in Mario Chase or trying to sneak up on you as a ghost in Luigi’s Ghost Mansion. If you are camera shy, there’s no need to worry as you can simply switch the camera off, but I do implore you to keep it on, just for the fun of it.

Five players
Like most people, I have more that three friends and we like to all be involved and now we all can, with the Wii U allowing four players and the GamePad player, as long as you have four Wii Plus controllers that is or Wii U Pro controllers. The game that uses this to full advantage is NintendoLand, with Mario Chase, Animal Crossing Sweet Day and Luigi’s Ghost Mansion. In some cases the player with the GamePad does has an advantage but even the easiest of games can turn around when you are caught and have to run for your life. It can get quite heated with five people taking things a little to seriously but it’s okay, it’s just game!

GamePad remote play
This is probably my favourite thing about the Wii U, if your playing your game and someone wants to watch something on the TV, instead of having a huge fight to see who deserves the TV more, you can simply put your game into your hands and let them have the TV, which has turned out to very cool and effective. Of course not all games can do this as both screens are needed but others like New Super Mario Bros U and Assassin’s Creed III do come with it and it is just great to play a console game in your hands.

TV remote
Most of us young people are a lazy bunch and have decided that if something is out of reach then it is not needed! Well with the GamePad, when you sit down a realise the TV remote is across the room, no problem, simple press the TV button at the bottom of the GamePad and it is now the TV controls, you can turn the volume up and down, turn the TV off and on, change channel and the input. I have used this instead of going across the room for the controls more than I would like to admit and even turning off the TV to get back at my sister for a cheeky comment. After the first time using this feature you are addicted and need to show your friends.

There is just five of the many reasons to purchase a Wii U, this is a really fantastic console and is something special. Do you have a Wii U? What do you like about it and what isn’t that great? If you don’t, do you want one and why? I want to hear what you guys have to say.

Author: Chantelle McIntosh

I am Chantelle, I am 18 years old and live in Scotland. I am passionate, dedicated gamer. I have mainly played on Nintendo consoles such as the N64, Game Cube, GBA, DS, Wii, Wii U and 3DS. My favourite games are The Legend of Zelda franchise, Resident Evil Revelations, Pokemon Emerald, Assassin's Creed and ZombiU.

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