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Yesterday started out just like any other Sunday. I read some features online, had breakfast and went about my usual sluggish routine, but all the while, something powerful and unseen was preparing to be released into the wild. I’m talking of course about the big reveal of Bungie’s latest series, Destiny.

Yes sir, yesterday was a brilliant day for myself and the other countless legions of Bungie enthusiasts, the studio that brought us  Myth, Marathon and the Halo series. We were treated to some brand new concept art, insight into the Destiny saga and most importantly some actual gameplay footage.

But why did Bungie bestow such a gift upon us on a Sunday, the most uneventful of days? Myself and others have speculated that it is probably a continuation with the studios fixation on the number 7 (remember the 7 on 7 Achievement in Halo 3 & the 7th Column to name a few).

So what is it that we learned about the next major series from Bungie studios?


The Story

Set on planet Earth, in a time following a great war, against a nameless enemy, that has all but wiped away every trace of humankind. Our kind have been rescued by an alien protector known only as The Traveler, a giant white orb that floats above the planet’s surface.

It is beneath this globe that humanity has rebuilt itself. A walled city where the world’s elite have gathered to regain our technological prowess in search of new ways to protect themselves against the nightmarish alien creatures that now inhabit our planet, desperate to snuff us out.

Players will seemingly take on the role of a Guardian. A band of heroes, who draw power (like magic) from The Traveler & are tasked with keeping the city safe. From what we’ve seen, there will be some rough class structures attached to this and with that comes plenty of choice about weapon systems and powers. Yay for choice!



Destiny has been described as a Massive Multiplayer Online  First Person Shooter (MMOFPS). This means that you will be able to experience its campaign either with a group of friends or alone as a singleton, in a way that is not so dissimilar to Borderlands’ drop-in, drop-out mechanic.

Bungie have stated that multiplayer action is not essential, but that it adds tremendous value to the gaming experience. I can see how this would be the case as some of my best memories of the Halo campaign are those when a played co-op with a friend or two.

It has also been made clear that there will be a large emphasis on vehicle combat and we were lucky enough to be treated to some concept art (below) of two of the vehicles the Pike and the Spider Tank.



As well as vehicular carnage, the game will also feature a vast array of enemies, hailing from many different corners of the galaxy. So far we’ve seen images of the Fallen (insectoid dudes), the Vex (a group of  time-traveling robots and the bulky, heavily armored Cabal.

It’s also been announced that you will be able to visit every planet in our solar system, including our moon. Whether or not you will be able to pilot your own space ship or not is only up for speculation, but it would be so good to see Halo: Reach type dogfights returning to a First Person Shooter series.


The game will be available for Xbox 360, PS3 as well as “future generation” technology (which we interpret to mean Xbox 720 and PS4, probably as launch titles in the same way that Zelda: Twilight Princess launched for both Gamecube and Wii simultaneously). It will also feature a whole new, yet to be named engine as well as an iOS companion app which will allow you to receive updates and keep tabs on your mates in-game.

If all that isn’t enough to work you into a frenzy, it’s also been confirmed that one of the greatest videogame music composers of the last 30 years will add his musical score to the game. The musical masters Marty O’Donnell and his longtime musical writing partner Mike Salvatore, who were responsible for the music from the Halo series.

From what we’ve seen and heard so far, this already looks like a masterpiece of storytelling and I’m really excited to see a new IP hitting the consoles. Possibly even more excited than I am to see Halo 5(?), and that’s really saying something.


To Sum Up

I’ve been a Bungie fan since the days of Marathon but, like so many others, Halo was the game that really revolutionised my gaming career and redefined the entire shooter genre. That’s why I’m so excited to see what the team can do with an entirely new universe to build from the ground up. It might be a bit premature to say this but Destiny’s universe and the lore that underpins it already looks as deep and rich as that of the Halo franchise, with endless possibilities that are likely to span the next decade of gaming.

I don’t want to wish my life away, but I honestly can’t wait to get stuck in.

We’ll keep you updated with the latest Destiny news as we get it, but in the meantime, grab your dribble-cup, take a look at the reveal video below and let us know what you think via the comments.

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