Feature: 6 Villains we want to see in the next Batman game

Arkham Continent, Arkham World maybe. Perhaps even Arkham Galaxy. Whatever the next Rocksteady Batman title is called, you can bet you bottom it’s gonna be outstanding.

One of the greatest things about the Arkham games to date, is the variety of villains that you encounter and the lore that accompanies each one. I’ve always found it fascinating to learn about some of the villains from the DC universe, particularly those from the Batman comics.

Each character has their own motivation behind a life of crime and the majority see Batman as the epitome of authority. More often than not, these crooks are troubled, delusional souls who probably weren’t hugged enough in childhood, but there are a select few who are pure evil, with a touch of crazy for good measure.

Join us below as we take a look at some of the best villains who have yet to make an appearance in a Arkham game.

The Ventriloquist

A quiet and mild-mannered man named Arnold Wesker who was born into a powerful Mafia family and resembles Larry David. After witnessing his mother’s murder at the hands of hitmen from a rival family, Arnold developed a Dissociative Identity Disorder and took up ventriloquism as his only creative outlet.

He soon comes into possession of a wooden ventriloquist doll named Scarface, who has been carved from the remains of a gallows pole. Scarface resembles your typical 1920s gangster, (complete with cigar, Tommy gun and pinstripe suit) and it soon becomes clear that the doll is actuallythe one pulling the strings in the relationship, encouraging Wesker to commit crime.

Scarface has already been present in both Arkham games, but has played a minor part with his minion Wesker has always been absent from the storyline. More please Rocksteady.

Doctor Hurt

Awesome name? Check! Doctor Simon Hurt is a brilliant psychologist whose true identity and nature is something of a mystery to the people of Gotham. He is often implied, throughout the stories, to be the Devil, the demon Barbatos (the Duke of Hell) , an ancestor of Bruce Wayne, Bruce’s evil twin, Bruce Wayne’s father and even Darksied, the Evil God.

Quite a busy chap as you can imagine, although his sole motivation seems to be a dedication to completely destroying Batman both physically and mentally. He manages the latter on several occasions, all the while remaining completely anonymous.

An intriguing character and one that I think would bring a lot to future games.


Bat-Mite is an Imp from another dimension, who visits Earth on occasion to gawp at his idol, Batman. He resembles a sort-of Batman mini-me, wearing a replica costume.

He has technology so advanced that our primitive minds can’t even begin to comprehend it and we choose instead to refer to it as magic. He uses this “magic” to set up crimes so that he can see his hero in action when he comes to thwart the scheme.

Bat-Mite is more of a menace than a villain really, but his inclusion in an Arkham city game could be interesting. I think he made need a bit of a make-over first though, to help him integrate better with Rocksteady’s gritty interpretation of Gotham City.

Maxie Zeus

This guy is clearly insane. No real question about that. He believes himself to be the true re-incarnation of Zeus, the father of the Gods in Greek mythology. Once a History teacher in a Gotham school, he lost his job and his sanity after the tragic death of his beloved wife.

He then turned to a life of crime, establishing a criminal group called the New Olympians based on other figures from Greek Mythology.

An odd one really, with no real power except for his massive intellect and passion for strategy. However, if grouped with his other Greek-enthusiasts, I’m sure he would make a formidable foe in future games.


This one is a bit of an enigma, but a rather cool villain none the less. Onomatopoeia is a serial killer who targets non-superpowered superheroes like Green Arrow, Deadshot, Crazy Quilt and Calendar Man.

He gets his name from the fact that he is able to  imitates noises around him like gunshots, creaking doors and dripping taps. A bit like Michael Winslow from the Police Academy films.

Onomatopoeia has been known to work with Batman on occasion, in order to take down a common enemy. This could be an interesting dynamic to exploit in a game, so fingers crossed.

Man-Bat (aka. The Werebat)

Once a gene-scientist named Dr. Kirk Langstrom, who created a formula to give himself bat-like Sonar to compensate his deafness. Naturally things went pear-shaped and Dr. Langstrom manged to transform himself into a maniacal man-sized Bat monster. For some reason the Man-Bat then convinced his wife to take the same serum, causing her to also turn into a giant Bat. The two then went on a rampage, terrorizing and destroying much of the city.

Man-Bat has incredible strength and agility. He also grows Bat wings that allow him to fly and possesses natural sonar coupled with super-sensitive hearing, enabling him to navigate perfectly in pitch black darkness.

Man-Bat could be a great aerial combat type enemy, or simply feature in one of those “find the antidote” type quests. Either way, I’d love to see him in the next game.

So that’s the 6 Villains we want to see in the next Batman game. Which characters would you like to see included in future titles? We’d love to hear from you.

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Author: James Sterling

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  • Na, you guys have got it all wrong, those guys are boring and unreal for this game, allthough man-bat, maxie zues, and the ventriloquest could be minor villians.
    I would like to see The Joker reincarnated, Harley Quinn’s Revenge was based in the Cadmus Labs where Superboy (A combination of Lex Luthor and Superman) was made and curtain people were revived there, but in Harley Quinn’s Revenge the steel mill and the Cadmus Labs were blown up, But Harley could of revived him before she blew it up. (And now that Joker and Harley know about the Lazurus pit (in which there are more than just one) Harley could take Joker there.
    Also, Viki Vale talks to Commissionor Gordon on the radio during the DLC Harley Quinn’s Revenge about the Joker’s body and asks “where is it”. This could mean Batman walked out of Arkham City with Clayface (He did black out so it’s possible) and then Clayface escaped the morgue that I would guess jokers body would be in, You can hear the henchmen say that this suggestion could of happened (in Harley Quinn’s Revenge). You can’t just kill off the joker in a game, you do it in comic or comic based animated movie.
    I want the next game to be called Batman: Gotham City. You can ride your vehicles around gotham (A bit like GTA, lol), and all the villians have broke out of the holding facility, Joker actually is immortal and as army of TITAN monsters and men who actually win but then fail t the last minute as allways, haha. But i have faith that rocksteady will do good
    Thanks for reading and check out my page—>

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