Dwayne Johnson sets selfie world record at San Andreas world premiere

Stars of the movie San Andreas walked the red carpet at The Odeon in London’s prestigious Leicester Square on Thursday 21st May.

Many of the cast and crew including: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson (The Fast and the Furious 7; The Scorpion King); Carla Gugino (The Night at the Museum; Spy Kids); Alexandra Daddario (Percy Jackson; Texas Chainsaw 3D); Pop legend Kylie Minogue and Director Brad Peyton (Journey 2) and others attended the World Premiere of disaster action movie San Andreas, a week ahead of its release.

Dwayne Johnson was in good spirits when he arrived on the red carpet and the first order of business was to attempt to set the World Record for most number of selfies. A huge line of ticket holders helped the former WWE star achieve the record which was adjudicated by an official Guinness World record representative. The rules of the record attempt stipulated that each shot had to be in focus and must clearly feature both the head and shoulders of each person standing next to Dwayne as he took each picture on an iPhone. 75 pictures in 3 minutes was the target and the final, winning result was 105 pictures in 3 minutes. Dwayne Johnson took a selfie with the certificate presented to him which he uploaded to Instagram. He said after that his face hurt from smiling but it was a great workout for the arm!
He kept up good energy working his way down the crowd of fans whilst the other cast members begun to arrive.

Later in an interview, Dwayne admitted the epic adventure of filming the movie was a huge challenge and he’s glad it paid off – with all the positive feedback from around the world and now here in London, he’s proud to say that London is the place of the World Premiere and “tonight is the night that the world will know how I feel about San Andreas”.

Dwayne Johnson described the movie and his stunts as epic, he had a great relationship with director Brad Peyton, with whom he worked with on Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. He spoke out about how the female characters in this movie were “kick-ass, not damsels, they went out and handled their business” and added in a mock British accent – “as we say in London ‘they sort it out’”! He answered a couple of twitter fan questions including: ‘How do you stay humble?’ “I’m very fortunate and very grateful for what I get to do and I deliver for the fans. “How much can you bench (press)?” was another question and after a bit of deliberation, and joking ‘How much does Vin Diesel weigh?!’ he answered ‘about 500/600 pounds – but who’s counting!’

Carla Gugino, who plays Dwayne’s estranged wife in the film, described Dwayne as an incredible partner in crime and also that he was an incredibly generous actor on set who exuded confidence. She recalled having a great time on set during filming especially scenes shared with Dwayne and had wished the fun would never end. She discussed how she felt this movie empowers women in a special way that makes them complex and strong. The filming experience was physically and emotionally demanding in every possible way, on every level and the movie was the most challenging and exhausting thing she’d ever done in the best possible way, yet it was the best experience that made her feel ecstatic every day and being able to share it with everyone here in London at the World premiere was truly wonderful and incredibly special. Going on to describing the film as an epic adventure with a cast who all bear their hearts and souls and whilst you may get caught up in all the action there are some poignant, emotional moments within a beautiful story that you get to share with the family in the film.

Director Brad Peyton discussed the fact that over 1000 different special effects shots were used in the movie combined together with the real performances and live action stunts that made for a realistic and believable experience. He wanted the actors on set to feel genuine by subjecting them to realistic situations including dangerous conditions and a level of disruption that was almost torturous, he joked, to make for that raw and honest feeling of survivalism.

Watch Dwayne Johnson save the day in disaster action movie San Andreas in cinemas released nationwide 29th May.








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