Feature: PS4? More like PS Bore

After the huge amount of buzz coming from the Sony camp about its next generation console, it takes a few Xbox fanboys (I’m on the fence!), some analysts and the odd PC owner to bring everyone back down to earth. So here’s a few reasons why the latest stab at the gaming console market may not be all that its cracked up to be.

1. No backwards compatibility with PS3

Consoles are expensive and come as a bit of a long term investment. Many gamers, myself included, are guilty of having huge catalogues of this generation games and not having anywhere near the amount of time to play them. Both games and nostalgia go hand in hand; completing God of War 3 will almost certainly make me want to relive Kratos’s bloody rampage again from the beginning. Traipsing around Liberty City makes me want to jack cars in Vice City followed by stupid plane stunts in San Andreas. Sony have decided to stop all of this in its tracks, and have conceded that the only way this will change if their plans for emulation on the PS4s actually come to fruition.

This even includes downloaded content via PSN which is both baffling and a huge kick in the face; surely non-physical software wouldn’t necessarily interfere with the new PS4 infrastructure as much as physical? More frustratingly, it looks like we will have to fork out for games from the previous two generations that are already sitting on our shelves just so they can be played on the new console. HDDD Super Sony Remake Collection anyone?


2. ‘Like a computer, but supercharged’

That’s a quote from the Lead System Architect, Mark Cerny during the conference when the PS4 was announced, and it’s a pretty damn stupid statement. Consoles can compete with PCs for perhaps the first month of release in terms of processing power/graphics. After that, PC versions of games tend to run and look a damn sight better, whilst game developers attempt to try and refine, in comparison, rather limited tech which doesn’t get upgraded regularly (remember that the PS3 came out in 2006). The other rather daft part of this statement is that a home console is NOT A PC. If I wanted a PC I WOULD BUY A PC NOT A PS4. And breath.


This is not a PS4.

3. Touchpad on the DualShock

Wii managed to do wonders with gesture controls. PlayStation Move and Kinect were amazing bits of tech that were about as useful as a chocolate teapot. Wii U seems to have touch controls down pretty well, despite the fact that the console is having a bit of an identity crisis at the moment. It’s a disaster gimmick waiting to happen for the PS4 however, and it seems like a complete waste of time and money if its uses boil down to moving through menus; surely we have a perfectly good controller in our hands to do that anyway?

Agree/disagree? Feel free to speak out in the comment section below. As soon as Microsoft get their backsides into gear, their console will get the same treatment.

Author: Adam Leith

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  • Martin Brentnall

    For backwards compatibility, you keep your old consoles. That’s an easy one.

    The quote in the second point is taken out of context. The sentence spoken at the Sony press conference did not finish at the word “supercharged”; it continued with something along the lines of “[…] to bring out the best gaming performance possible”.

    The point being made was that the PS4 uses a PC-like hardware architecture that has been optimised for gaming performance, because anyone with any technical history knows that the PC architecture was never originally designed and developed with gaming in mind (the x86 architecture was originally developed to be fast in string handling – i.e. for word processing and office applications). You also have a big fat jackass called Windows sitting between your PC hardware and your PC games.

    As for the DualShock 4 touchpad, I agree that it’s a gimmick, but it’s also a non-issue that can easily be ignored. It’s comparable to the Six Axis function of the DualShock 3; the majority of PS3 games just ignore it and it’s presence didn’t hurt sales or interest in the PS3, nor will the touchpad do so for the PS4.

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