Crysis 3: Hunter Edition Trailer

EA has just released a new trailer detailing the Hunter Edition of Crysis 3.

By pre-ording the game, you can obtain the tactical multiplayer advantages of the Crysis 3: Hunter Edition. You’ll be granted the lethal, cloaking friendly Predator Bow (trust us that’s a very good piece of equipment to have), a unique weapon skin for the bow, and the all-seeing Recon Arrow on release day. You’ll also start multiplayer at level 5, immediate access to the “Hunter” Nanosuit module, a powerful perk perfect for the included Predator Bow and get a download copy of the original Crysis.

We’re still not convinced that these multiplayer upgrades are really a good thing, but getting a free copy of Crysis 1 is not to be sniffed at.

Author: Martyn Newton

Overlord of PopBucket and a gamer from a very young age with earliest memories including Theme Park, Detroit (look it up), Sim City, Championship Manager 2, The Lion King and Command & Conquer.

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