Copperhead joining Batman: Arkham Origins

Today at Comic-con Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment unveiled the newest villain to join the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins,  in the re-imagined form of Copperhead.

The unveiling of Copperhead was done in a trailer, show casing the character superhuman acrobatics skills, as well more snake like characteristics.

Fans of the character maybe surprised to hear of the choice by the developers to make the character female instead of male, as shown in the comics.

The portrayal of the character appears to be slightly more realistic than the comics have shown, with her not wearing a large snake costume or having a tail. However hints of Copperhead’s venomous abilities are given towards the end of the trailer.

Copperhead has been part of the Batman universe since 1968 but is only now making his/her appearance into the Arkham games world.

Batman: Arkham Origins is scheduled for release on the 25 October 2013, and will be coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC and Wii U.

Author: Robert Edwards

Professional Geek with a PhD in Gaming, a masters in comic books from the university of Awesome. Please note; these are not real qualifications and the author is embellishing for the sake of it, in all likely hood he is a moron with access to the internet and a thesaurus.

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