Chords Of Truth Sets Sights On 2013

Jason Garriotte has been producing music as Chords Of Truth for over a year now, blending his background of folk songwriting with his love of electronic music.

Last year saw the release of his Reflections Of Reality EP. The marriage of Jason’s singular lyrical style with this blend of acoustic and electronic elements proved popular with fans and brought Chords Of Truth to the attention of a number of producers. Jason offered the EP up to these producers and welcomed their interpretations of his original renditions. Jason puts it like this: “I felt there was a potential for these songs beyond my initial vision and wanted to see how far things could be taken. So I put the stems into the hands of electronic remix producers from all over the world to let them create their reflection of the originals.”

The upshot was a total of 57 brand new songs. The source material may have been the same but the experiment proved a success in its celebration of artistic diversity. Chords Of Truth will release an official double CD of these best of these efforts in March 2013. Their will be another eight EP releases showcasing further remixes. 2013 will also see Jason touring extensively as Chords Of Truth, championing his very own brand of “folktronica”.

Author: Jordan Devine

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