Check out the trailer for Status Quo’s first film

Bula Quo is an action comedy film starring the members of legendary rock band Status Quo, alongside Craig Fairbrass (Cliff Hanger, Eastenders), Laura Aikman (Keith Lemon the Movie, Freight) and Jon Lovitz (Friends, The Wedding Singer).

In the film Status Quo are in Fiji, doing their 50 Year Celebration tour. When Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt slip away for a quiet drink after the show, they accidentally end up witnessing a gang murder. Grabbing evidence of the murder, the duo manage to escape, but not before the head gangster spots them and orders their heads. Now on the run,they must try and evade capture – using golf carts, sea-planes, speed boats, jet skis and scuba gear – whilst their manager and a cheeky young intern try to protect them and keep the press in dark.

Bula Quo is out on 5 July.



Author: Katherine Sankey

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