Browser-based strategy title Fortuna due for release

Perfect World (Star Trek Online, Neverwinter) are set to release their latest title Fortuna on July 18 2013.

The free-to-play browser-based strategy game is set in Europe, against a backdrop of political intrigue and conflict, and allows players to choose which family to pledge allegiance to – the Medici, Fugger or the Tudors.

Develop infrastructure, gather resources and expand territories whilst forming alliances with your friends to defeat enemies and rise to power.

With a robust combat system , over 20 types of military unit and unique generals (historical figures such as Joan of Arc and Christopher Columbus), Fortuna is far more than just a city development sim.

Andrew Brown from Perfect World said, “Fortuna is a first for our company, which has previously focused on publishing client-based PC titles, including the award-winning Star Trek Online and Dungeons & Dragons® MMORPG, Neverwinter. As with all our titles, our number one goal with Fortuna is to connect players around the world through games of the highest quality, regardless of platform or genre.”

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Author: Emily Griffith

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