Breaking Bad Season 5: What We Want To See

We take a look back at the last four seasons of the hit U.S drama and try to imagine what we want to see in series five. Join us as we speculate wildly on one of the best shows of our time.

Breaking Bad came onto the TV scene in the beginning of January 2008 with relatively little fanfare. Bryan Cranston was best known for his role as Malcolm’s poor Dad in Malcolm in the Middle. Although fantastic, I don’t think it would be unfair to say that a dive into serious drama was unexpected, and perhaps not necessarily asked for. I can happily say that the pilot episode of Breaking Bad was one of the best I have ever seen and the whole series has gone from strength to strength, making it arguably in the same league of The Sopranos, The Wire and Mad Men as some of the best shows in our generation.

Come July 15th (though sadly, that’s for the USA not the UK !) our affair with the meth making madness that has been the past 4 seasons will start for  the final time, with half of the season out this year and the other half finishing in 2013. As with all final seasons, there is a huge amount of expectation from fans and critics alike, so here is a run down of the top 5 things that we all want to see from Walter Whites final outing.


1)    What happened to Gus?

Through flashbacks we find out that Gus and his good friend Max, put forward the idea of selling methamphetamine as the new drug of the cartel. Hector Salamanca, the kingpin in Mexico at the time and the man we all know as the bell ringing uncle of Tuco, doesn’t seem to agree and kills Max brutally starting Gus’s huge revenge plan to kill all of Salamanca’s family, slowly but surely. However we learn little to nothing about how Gus manages to create such a place of strength back in Albuquerque, with his previous escapades only being talked about briefly with hints that he used to have a huge amount of power in Chile. More exposition on how and why he came to power and changed from simple drug creator to Albuquerque overlord would be interesting. It would also work as parallel character development alongside Walter who now uses the same Machiavellian skills as his previous boss once did. Thanks to the popularity of the character, Vince Gilligan has stated that flashbacks to Gus before his explosive death will come to light so lets hope we get more information on the big bad of the series.

2)The White Family find out more than they bargained for

Skylar White has only just come into Walt’s drug world, changing from sanctimonious and rather irritating hypocrisy, to realizing that the money her husband has brought in  isn’t the worst thing that could happen to the family. Yet, despite this new information and the odd flip out when Walter looks a bit worse for wear, she has absolutely no idea that her mild mannered husband has effectively and efficiently killed people to make sure his whole family is safe. Placing Skylar, or even Walter Jnr into a similar life or death situation that Walter seems to face every other week would put a very interesting spin on the series and skew the whole reason Walter started in the drug trade.

3)Hank makes the link between Walter and ‘Heisenberg’

Hank has been perilously close to finding out who the blue meth dealing Heisenberg is for years now. Jesse and Walter being cornered in the caravan park is perhaps the closest the two have come to be rattled. Furthermore, the whole reason that Hank is now in a wheelchair is due, thanks to Walt’s meddling and his close proximity to the DEA via Hank. A standoff between the two, or with Jesse as proxy, has been on the cards for at least the past 3 seasons and would led to an amazing season finale, especially as Walt’s self destructive trail can only go so far.

4) Jesse finds out that Walt poisoned Brock

Jesse comes incredibly close to killing Walter as he assumes that Brock, the child of Andrea, someone who Jesse has taken to protecting as best he can, was poisoned by him. Walter manages to convince Jesse that it was Gus instead and proceeds to use the information that Jesse gives him to kill Gus. It is alluded to at the end of the season that Walter did poison Brockto further his plans. Without a doubt this will be a huge point of contention in the new season as information like that rarely stays secret within the show. This becomes even more important, especially as it may come to a point that Jesse is more of a liability to Walter than useful now that he has the ability to be all powerful. The relationship between the two has been defining throughout, amazing when you consider that Vince Gilligan intended to kill of Jesse Pinkman in the first season, and the potential final break up of it could change the direction of the last season completely.

5)What does Walter do with all this new power?

Walter has killed Tuco, Gus and Hector Salamanca all by himself. He has single handedly cornered the market of methamphetamine and is known without the criminal world as Heisenberg; someone not to be messed with. He has a place to launder his money, a bent lawyer to smooth over any cracks, a DEA brother in law who only has inklings about him and, somehow, a wife who seems to be sticking by him. He is in a stronger position than any other time in the entire series; so what on earth does he do now? This strength brings all of its own risks and will finally make or break Walter White. He is now free to leave the drug trade (well more free than he ever was before) or carry on as the new drug lord of the area; this decision will make or break the final season if it isn’t answered!

By no means is this list exhaustive but it does give a rounded review of what I hope will be the questions and events that will be answered in the final season. AMC have a good lineage of very good shows that have continued to have well paced action and drama throughout so the basis is there. Lets hope Walter Whites escapade ends as it started; dramatically and with a heck of a lot of death and destruction.


Author: Adam Leith

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