Bounty Arms released today on iOS

Mobile games publisher Kerosene Games have released new sidescrolling action title Bounty Arms today on iOS.

Co-developers Open-Reset and Luma Arcade have developed surprisingly rich and detailed 3D environments (best suited to Nvidia Tegra devices) that look so promising that we’re surprised it’s a mobile title, and not a PSN or Xbox Arcade release.

Intuitive and easy-to-use controls, designed with touchscreens in mind, gamers complete quests, win bounties and battle bosses whilst playing as one of three characters: Goober, Flux Helix or Drake Mass, who also has the ability to transform into a monster whilst in Beserk Mode.

Humourous and innovative weapons include a fly swatter, confetti and flying pigs, and the player can also enlist the help of loyal pets for a limited time during each of the 10 levels.

Founder of Kerosene Brett Seyler commented “We’re so excited to see this fantastic universe brought to life and delivered to gamers this week. Open-Reset have poured their heart and soul and love this game, and the nostalgic notes and attention to detail are something we think gamers are really going to enjoy.”

Founder of Open-Reset Benjamin Duk said, “Our humble team of four began working on this project in 2010 during our off hours. We’ve put everything we have into Bounty Arms, drawing inspiration from games our youth like Double Dragon and Metal Slug while also pushing the boundaries of modern technology to make our game play fluid and beautifully.”

With plenty of updates and additional content planned for release throughout the year, it seems as if this surprising little game can only get better.

Bounty Arms is now available for iOS devices for £2.99 ($4.99/€4.49) and is also due for release on the Google Play Store on July 26 with unique enhancements for Nvidia Tegra devices. Amazon AppStore release is anticipated for later in the year.

Author: Emily Griffith

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