Ben Affleck no longer directing The Batman – Good or bad?

Batman Ben Afflek

Let’s face it, Batman is the strongest card DC have in their deck. Therefore it was a big deal when Ben Affleck said he wanted to direct as well as star. And then Live By Night happened.

Now as I said before I enjoyed the film even if others didn’t. Sadly some films struggle because in their particular genre are not just great films but true icons; Goodfellas, Godfather, Once Upon A Time In America. Trying to find something new that hits that mark is a challenge and Ben Affleck deserved more credit than he got for what he tried.

But given Live By Night’s performance it’s not a surprise he decided to focus on the actor/producer role. Hopefully he’ll have a Tim Miller equivalent lined up to work with him as this will ensure less disruption.

As a fan I was a bit gutted. I was excited by the idea of Ben Affleck having a strong level of control on the project. However on the rational side it is clear that Batman is a very demanding role and it seems more and more of DC’s success seems to rest on his brooding shoulders.

There are other problems with DC; The Flash film is set for a page one rewrite and the “mixed” reviews for Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad are not encouraging.

As I’ve said before I want DC to do well. It is not good when one company has the monopoly because the danger is they get complacent. Granted Marvel have proven me wrong on a number of occasions but a massive test is round the corner for them.

What I hope is that Wonder Woman and Justice League prove to be the big films DC and Warner Bros want but more importantly what any fan of films should want; the chance to see iconic characters done right. What surprises me is they have incredible talents like Bruce Timm, Paul Dini and Gail Simone who in my opinion have a lot to offer.

In short Ben Affleck not directing the new Batman is not necessarily a disaster and a number of films have suffered from problems on set (by all accounts Titanic was a bit of a nightmare while the iconic ending of The Italian Job was suggested by a producer on set).

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a DC fanboy nor am I an apologist. But I am also someone who has worked on comic projects and know that what can seem simple on the outside is not always the case when working on it.

What I hope is DC get through this so we can eventually get the Marvel v DC/Amalgam movies I know we all want!

Author: Rob Turner

I love films and I love talking about them, also writer/producer for online comic series Reynard City (

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