Beautiful point-and-click Morphopolis out now

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Indie studio Micro Macro have announced the release of Morphopolis, a beautiful point and click adventure inspired by visually stunning titles The Tiny Bang Story, Year Walk and Machinarium.

Players take on the role of a tiny aphid as it journeys through transformation and discovery, exploring and interacting with the beautifully rich scenery, finding hidden objects and solving puzzles.

Founder of Micro Macro Dan Walters is a trained architect and also a self-taught games developer. He commented, “We love playing games like Device 6, they appeal to our inquisitive minds. With Morphopolis we wanted to create a game that we would enjoy playing, but also reflected our architectural training. We think the lessons we learnt apply just as much to the digital space as the physical one, and give us a unique voice in such a competitive genre.”

Ceri Williams is also an architect and illustrator, who applied his spatial and composition skills to develop the game. He commented, “There has been a great deal of debate recently about whether games can be art. We believe that this runs much deeper than just aesthetic choices, but about how the experience makes the player feel. We have worked hard on how we combine the illustration style, specially composed music, and player interactions to create an immersive experience where players can lose themselves.”

Morphopolis is now available on iOS, Android, Windows 8 devices, Blackberry and Kindle Fire, with a Steam version to follow later this year and also from

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  • This game-related art and creative arrangement of players. Truly a game for those who are interested in art.

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