ANTIX Promotes New Album

ANTIX, or Alex Nimier to his friends, has been producing hip-hop for a decade. His new album Question Everything is available now and Alex is in the middle of promoting the LP in the UK. The last few months saw ANTIX play a clutch of shows throughout the capital. ANTIX spent much of his youth in and around Chelsea but he really developed as a performer during his time away from London. Coming from a multi-cultural family, Alex spent time in the US, France and Australia growing up. His collaborator, DJ Bobby Rich met ANTIX in Venice Beach in 2009. Since then, the pair have travelled the world together, playing shows and creating beats.

Fans of ANTIX can still catch a live show at Underbelly Hoxton in Shoreditch on 8 December 2012.

Question Everything is available now on iTunes and Amazon.

Author: Jordan Devine

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