AiRace Speed coming to 3DS on 19 September

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Indie developer QubicGames have announced that AiRace Speed, the third sequel to the best-selling Nintendo DSi classic AiRace, will be available for Nintendo 3DS on 19 September.

The title sees gamers piloting 5 different futuristic jets whilst traversing 18 immersive 3D tracks jam-packed with tunnels, hidden shortcuts and obstacles.

AiRace Speed also features online leaderboards, allowing you to compete with players from all over the world, or challenge yourself to beat your best time. There are also plenty of unlockables including special achievements, which gives AiRace Speed  a great replay value.

AiRace Speed will be released on 19 September for £4.49 on Nintendo 3DS.

Author: Emily Griffith

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