Action puzzler Dungeon of Legends now available

BBG Entertainment (Einstein Brain Trainer) have announced that their latest casual puzzler, Dungeon of Legends is now available for iOS and Android.

Elements of jump and run, adventure, puzzle and action combined with atmospheric music, 3D graphics and 3 different environments create an immersive environment.

The aim of the game is to beat the Tower of Eternity by passing through numerous rooms (over 75 in total) that are jam-packed with puzzles that test your skill and logic. Players dodge spikes, activate mechanisms and jump from platform to platform in order to progress through each level.

Now available worldwide for iOS and Android (from Amazon, Google Play will be made available later this year) for £1.99 for iPhone, iPad and Android and £4.99 for Mac.

Author: Emily Griffith

Writer, reader, gamer, musician, all-round nerd.

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