A Primitive Evolution Rock Out In Toronto

Rockers A Primitive Evolution are based in Toronto and have opened for Billy Talent, their influences include Queens Of The Stone Age and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. They are becoming know for their remarkable music videos and are currently promoting their album The Prize. The band are Brett Carruthers (vocals and guitars), Stephany Seki (bass, cello and vocals) and Stu Dead (drums and percussion). The Prize was released on Playdead Cult Records in 2012 and Stu Dead describes it as “bulldozing electronic music without the keyboards” By this Dead means that instead of software to produce their beats, the band uses “real instruments instead. It creates this heavy, industrial aspect. In this band, we push each other to step out of comfort zones.”

The raucous sound of the recordings and the enigmatic visuals of A Primitive Evolution’s videos and live performances give the band a reputation for unpredictability. Stephany Seki says that this approach is “the epitome of pure enjoyment of music.” Seki continues, “It’s why we bolster our shows with visual aesthetics and video production. It’s a branding of sorts. It creates an entire universe within a band.” Check out what Seki means with in haunting video for A Primitive Evolution’s track Lord Of Reason.

The Prize is available on CD and vinyl from the band’s website.

Author: Jordan Devine

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