2K Games Want Us To Explore Civilization V’s Brave New World Expansion

In today’s age of DLC by the truckload, it’s hard to remember the days when expanding your PC game was done by purchasing specially crafted expansion packs bursting with content. One company keeping to the old ways, however, is 2K Games, alongside stalwart global-dominion-game-maestros Firaxis.

The 2K official blog has updated with the announcement of Civilization V: Brave New World, the second expansion following the initial Gods & Kings add-on pack. As ever, plenty of new content is being hurled our way for an even more comprehensive strategy game, as we once again pour away hours of our lives taking mankind from the stone age to the space race.

So what’s new? This summer’s PC and Mac expansion will pack nine new civilizations (such as Poland’s Casimir III), alongside the reimplementation of the Cultural Victory win-state for the game. There’ll be new world Wonders including Broadway, the Parthenon and the Uffizi, as well as an international trade mechanic that purportedly allows us to have trade routes across the globe. These trade routes will also expand your empire’s science, religion and cultural influence, meaning a merchant Civ could be a great new way to play.

World Congress is another new mechanic, affording empires the chance to get together and discuss things such as who is to host the World Games, as well as implementing trade embargoes against salacious Civs or judging the use of nuclear weapons. The Scenario gameplay will also return, giving players the chance to explore Africa and fight the American Civil War, rewriting history to their own ends in the process.

It’s great to see that Civilization V is continuing to see support from the developers even this long from release, and we’re eager to see how these tweaks and additions are received by the ever-vocal Civ fanbase.

Author: Tony White

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