ConquerX2 Online officially launched

Conquer the universe in OnNet Europe’s new title ConquerX2, the free-to-play web-based space simulation and strategy game.

Already popular in Asia and now available in Europe, play as emperor as you build your empire by constructing and managing planets whilst competing in strategic battles and using espionage tactics to gain secret info from your competitors.

ConquerX2 features over 35 different types of structure and 12 different types of vessel you can command in massive battles that span galaxies, as well as allowing you to rule in peace if you’d prefer, by using the trade system to grow and settle disputes.

OnNet Europe are also offering plenty of Official Launch community events and competitions, giving you the chance to win great prizes including a Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Amazon gift cards as well as in-game currency Dark Force.

Kyeong Yoon, Production Director from OnNet Europe commented, “We’d like to thank our Closed Beta testers that provided great feedback to help us refine the game and add in features that our fans wantWith ConquerX2’s success in Asia, we are now very excited to bring it to the European audience”.

Click here to go to the ConquerX2 site to start building your empire for free

Author: Emily Griffith

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