14 Easter Gifts for the Geek in your Life


It’s almost that time of year again. The only day, other than Christmastime, when eating chocolate for breakfast is considered, not only acceptable, but expected! Yes, today is Sunday and the Easter bunny – or Batman? – is spreading his chocolatey cheer!

But what if, after eating too much chocolate, you decide you don’t want to give just the ordinary eggs to your beloved next year? What if you want to give them something a little bit more special, a little bit more extraordinary, a bit more geeky? Then break out the bitcoin, because this list will give you all the info you need to find that perfect gift – for your partner, friends, family and/or time travelling companion!

We’ve made a list of items that combine classic Easter icons, like chocolate, bunny rabbits and eggs, with a whole load of geekery and fandom – and a little science too! And its not just all eggs and chocolate either – we’ve found cosy home accessories, crafty crochet patterns, candy and cosmetics. Giving you a variety of non-chocolate alternatives, for those sick of the sugar overload each year. So, go ahead and check it out….

14. Timey-Wimey Easter T-shirt – MoonyIsMoony

Why not give your friends a timey-wimey Easter to remember, with this gorgeous Doctor Who Easter rabbit t-shirt from MoonyIsMoony?

The t-shirt features a TARDIS blue rabbit gathering eggs painted with all the different costumes, of each incarnation of the Doctor – the perfect combine of holiday and Whovian spirit. The shirt is also something that your friends will be able to wear long after you’ve thrown the last foil egg wrapper has been thrown away. It can be worn at conventions, during the summer and of course, whilst you’re watching the adventures of the Timelord himself! The shop also has a t-shirt featuring just the Doctor’s shirt eggs, in order from first to last incarnation – minus a War Doctor.

You can also get this design – along with Doctor egg background and Easter greetings – on cards, tote bags and stickers. Whilst the Doctor Who egg design looks fantastic, as a certain Gallifreyan might say, on throw cushions!

13. Dinosaur Egg Earrings – BadgersBakery


With the new Jurassic Park film looming on the summer horizon, this is the perfect time to fall in love with dinosaurs all over again, and of course dinosaurs lay eggs – eggs, Easter, yes?

So why not get a pair of these lovely dangly dinosaur egg earrings from BadgersBakery? Made from polymer clay these eggs feature a tiny white baby dino inside a pretty speckled half shell. Just the thing for the palaeontologist or dinosaur fan in your life. These earrings would work brilliantly with everyday attire or a little black dress.
The shop also sells a range of nommy looking miniature food jewellery, including eclair earrings, choc-chip cookie rings and whipped cream hairpins!

12. DC / Marvel Superhero Bunnies Pattern – Ahookashop


If you’re the type of person who can do crafty things, like knitting Doctor Who scarves or sewing your own cosplay costumes, then this might be the gift, or way to make a gift, for you!

This clever PDF pattern from Ahookashop gives you all the know-how to crochet all of the super-powered, comic inspired bunnies above, letting you create either your own amigurumi – aka small and cute knitted Japanese toys – or egg cosy.Written for people with intermediate level crocheting skills, the instructions have be written to make them easy to follow, with over 60 explanatory pictures, tick boxes so you know where you are and felt patterns for the different superhero costumes. The bunnies when finished are 6 inches tall and able to fit into egg boxes – which is rather ideal since there are six Avengers!

11. Chocolate Harry and Dumbledore Busts – VeryVintageKeepsakes


For the Harry Potter fan in your life, why not get one of these incredible mini busts of the Boy Who Lived and the Headmaster of Hogwarts from VeryVintageKeepsakes. These amazingly detailed figures are only four inches high, and though you might be tempted to put them on your mantle piece, you may find they magically disappear all to quickly – as they made entirely out of solid chocolate!

These delicious pieces of artwork are finished with a chocolate dusted effect
and can be made in white, milk or dark chocolate, depending on your preference. These busts also make wonderfully edible cake toppers for birthdays and other muggle celebrations. However, if you want something that you can actually put on your shelf without fear of it being eaten, then the shop also sells candle versions of the busts, both of young Harry and Professor Dumbledore.

10. Easter Brick Bunny – AbbieDabbles 


Building bricks have always been a classic toy, with a certain brand and its movie being popular with adults as well as children. So, for the builder and/or future engineer in the family, why not get them this adorable Easter block bunny kit from AbbieDabbles. Complete with its own set of full colour instructions, this kit allows you to make a cute bunny ornament that can be placed either in an Easter basket, or left on guard by your chocolate eggs.

These bunny building kits come in a choice of white rabbit or creamy coloured rabbit, see above, or if you want something more traditional, there’s also a brick egg in bright Easter yellow-  but you’ll have to be quick though, as the eggs are sadly being phased out by the shop!

9. Chocolate Molecule Bowtie – TheWoolFish


This cool bow tie may not seem to have much to do with Easter, but its pattern actually gives it a chemically sweet twist. This bow tie from TheWoolFish is covered in chocolate molecule symbols, making it a snappy gift for any sharply dressed boy or girl with an interest in chocolate or chemistry, and perhaps even an interesting addition to a Eleventh Doctor cosplay.

Each bow tie is handmade, and gives you the option of choosing either one you self-tie, or one with a pre-tied bow and a clip on the back – depending on your level of tying skills. For early mornings you can also get a coffee molecule tie or choose from a host of ties and bow ties for the different scientists in your life – for the mathematician there’s a PI bow tie, for the physicist there’s atoms and equations and for engineers a CPU circuit pattern.

8. Zombie Easter Egg – CuteAndSilly 


Zombie fans look out, and run in terror, as the eggs we once ate so carelessly at Easter turn zombie – and attempt to eat us!

The perfect gift for a fan of zombie films and television shows like The Walking Dead, this zombified egg from CuteAndSilly is a brilliant alternative to chocolate. Designed by hand using a 3D programme and then printed with a 3D printer – so even more geek points! – these eggs are then hand painted with either green or blue zombie features.

If you’re not keen on the colour scheme though don’t despair! Because they are handmade you can also request different colours and changes, to make your zombie more personal. The shop also sells bitten zombie Easter eggs, and zombified Easter bunny models!

7. Chocolate Periodic Table Pillow – YellowBugBoutique 


Chemistry, chocolate and comfort combine to create this periodic table pillow from YellowBugBoutique. This handmade cushion spells out the word ‘chocolate’ using the periodic symbols for Carbon, Holmium, Cobalt, Lanthanum and Tellurium – but of course all the chemists out there knew that! A great addition to any sofa or bed owned by lovers of chocolate or people who study or work in chemistry.

The shop has a further range of periodic table word pillows, badges, aprons, towels and other accessories, including his and her element towels (Hydrogen, Iodine, Sulfur and Hydrogen Erbium Sulfur) and a nap pillow (Sodium Phosphorus).

6. Mini Dragon Egg Box – PrissyKittyDesigns


If Easter existed in Game of Thrones, these mini dragon egg boxes from PrissyKittyDesigns are surely what Khaleesi would keep her chocolate hoard in! These beautiful, shiny scaled dragon egg boxes are a stunning alternative to an Easter basket, and should certainly impress your own Mother of Dragons.

Each egg is six inches tall and covered in faux leather scales, with a cotton lining inside and a dragon shaped tie clasp on the outside. The choice of colours varies, but currently spring green and pink eggs are available from the shop! The egg can be used for a variety of uses – not just hiding your chocolate treasure – including use as a dice bag or as a special box for jewellery or an engagement ring.

You can also buy bigger sized dragon egg purses with chain straps and cosplay eggs, to add that final touch to your Khaleesi cosplay.

5. The (Chocolate) Cake is a Lie! Lip Balm – bubbleandgeek


Whether you’ve played Portal or not, you must have heard this famous line, which is the inspiration behind this tasty sounding chocolate cake lip balm from bubbleandgeek. Full of lovely ingredients like Vitamin E, shea butter and cocoa butter – the latter of which is also used in making chocolate – this balm is good for the lips, and probably better for the hips than real chocolate cake.

Other treats from the shop include soy wax melt versions of The (Chocolate) Cake is a Lie to scent your room, Doctor Who Jammy Dodger and Vanilla Custard lip balms, Firefly Leaf on the Wind roll-on perfume and Earl Grey Tea scented candles, inspired by a certain starship captain.

4. Millennium Falcon Truffles – SweetBelleCakes


One of the coolest spaceships ever to be cast in chocolate, now you too can dig into delicious Millennium Falcon truffles from SweetBelleCakes. These edible spaceships come in sets of three, each individually wrapped and tied up with a bow, and you can choose from an impressive choice of yummy fillings and chocolate shell flavours.

As well as the normal dark, white and milk chocolate, you can have your hull made from – mint chocolate, confetti chocolate (which has flecks of colour) and Cookies and Cream! Then you can choose from six different fillings, including peanut-butter, marshmallow cream, peppermint cream and carmel – or if you can’t choose, just have solid chocolate!

The shop’s range also includes a variety of other Star Wars and sci-fi shaped chocolates to choose from, such as solid chocolate Death Stars, Batman signal truffles, chocolate chess sets and chocolate Serenity ships from Firefly. That’s a lot of chocolate fandom!

3. Super Mario Candy Cube – Dandy Candy 


Do you know anyone who likes Super Mario and candy? If so this Super Mario treat filled tin sold by Dandy Candy might be the Easter present for them! The bright yellow coin cube from the beloved video game contains plenty of lemon flavoured, coin shaped candy, that you don’t even have to jump to get! And once all those precious coins are gone, the tin can be kept to store more sweet-coated goodies for future gaming marathons.

If you want to buy a load for several friends, or just a whole basket full of Super Mario treats, then you can get the whole gift set from Dandy Candy, which includes along with the coin cube – Mushroom and Mario shaped tins full of cherry candies, and a Star tin full of star shaped, lemon candies.

2. Monty Python Killer Rabbit Slippers – ThinkGeek


Fans of Monty Python rejoice, you can finally own your very own pair of killer rabbits – or rather wear them! Based on the killer rabbit from Monty Python’s surreal medieval film The Holy Grail, this fuzzy yet ferocious footwear from ThinGeek is sure to keep your toes warm, and will frighten off any knights about!

These slippers are a great Easter gift for Python fans, or people who aren’t as keen on cutesy fluffy things – unless they have teeth. The rabbits open and closes their mouths when you walk, and come in one size, that fits most people. Expect maybe the Knights of Ni…

Unfortunately these fanged bunnies are currently out of stock on the site, but keep your eyes peeled for availability! However, the shop is always packed full of awesome fandom based merchandise to distract you, as any good geek knows!

1. Pink Bunny Tessellation Travel Mug – 2redheadbros


Have a hot drink in mathematical style with this cool bunny tessellation travel mug from 2redheadbros. The pattern is made out of cute hexagon shaped pink bunnies, that wrap around the whole mug in a tessellation.

A tessellation, for the non-maths whizzes out there, is created when a surface is covered in a flat shape or shapes that repeat over and over, with no gaps or overlaps. It is also known as tiling and can be found in the artwork of Escher – so there you go, bet you didn’t realise you’d be learning something today!

The mug is dishwasher safe and made with insulated stainless steel. So its perfect container for you morning tea, coffee or, of course, some delicious hot chocolate! You can also get this pattern printed on phone cases, tote bags, throw pillows and studio pouches. The shop also sells more visualisations of mathematical ideas, all featuring charming geometrically shaped bunny characters – such as a Fi “Bunn”acci sequence t-shirt and posters of Euclid’s Elements.

Author: Katherine Sankey

A freelance writer and random blogger. She is a Whovian and Game of Thrones fan, who wants to write science-fiction for television.

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